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Is Adjuster Training Institute , LLC certified by the Indiana  Department of Insurance

Yes, the Adjuster Training Institute , LLC is certified by the Indiana Department of Insurance.

Indiana Department of Insurance Provider # 36544

Adjuster  Pre-Licensing Course #29285

How much does your Adjuster Training  Classroom course cost?

The cost is $695.00 this cost covers everything (Course, Material and Exam).

The cost for the Xactimate Training is $295 and the Fundamentals of Adjusting is $199.00.

We currently have a Combo Package which allows you to get all the courses for $895.00

When you take the Combo Package, 

How many days are the classes and which days of the week are they held on?

The Adjuster Licensing class is 4 days. The Xactimate Training is 2 days That’s a total of 6 days of training.

The class schedule is as follows:

Day 1  (Monday) All-Lines Adjuster Licensing Class

Day 2 (Tuesday) All-Lines Adjuster Licensing Class

Day 3 (Wednesday) All-Lines Adjuster Licensing Class 

Day 4 (Thursday) REVIEW & THE EXAM

Day 5 (Friday ) Xactimate Training

Day 6 (Saturday)  Xactimate Training 

What are the class times?

The  All-Lines Adjuster Licensing course is from 9:00 am - 6:30 pm.

The Xactimate Training is from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Fundamentals of Adjusting Class is from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Will I need a laptop for the Xactimate Training?  If so, what kind of laptop?

Yes, you will need your own laptop in our Xactimate Training.  We provide the software.  We recommend that you use a mouse with your laptop because you will be able to Sketch Rooms and Roofs easier with a mouse.  Your laptop should meet the following standards:

*Xactimte  requires at least a 1 GHZ processor

*Xactimate  works with Windows 2000, Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista

*Your computer should have 25 MB of RAM (512 MB or better is recommended)

*Your computer needs at least 1.5 Gig of free hard drive space available

How much money does an insurance claims adjuster make?

As an adjuster, there are typically two types of compensation:

Fee schedule - Each insurance company has their own fee schedule, but most pay on average of $ 250-$550 per claim.  The average adjuster usually can handle between 3-5 claims per day, while the more efficient adjusters can handle more.  You will typically be paid on a fee schedule during the initial 2-3 months on a Catastrophe assignment.

Daily Rate - Each insurance company has their own daily rate schedule, most pay around $500/ day or more .  One of the great things about being a Catastrophe Adjuster is that you can work whenever you want to work.  Some adjusters work during the fall, while others work only in the summer.  Some choose to work 3-4 months a year, while others work 4-6 months.  Some choose to work year round also.

Is there much of a demand for adjusters?

The demand for available adjusters has never been greater.  The largest demand usually occurs after a large catastrophic event such as a Hurricane.  However, that demand is usually continuous due to isolated Hailstorms, Tornados, Floods and other weather related events.  Another option is to work Daily claims.  Daily claims are claims that you work in your local area.  

Does the price of your course include the exam?

Yes, the course includes the exam.  You will take the exam on the last day of class.

Will I have to pay any other fees to get my license?

Yes, the state licensing fee is $40.00.  That will be made payable when you submit your application to the state.

What are the requirements to become a licensed adjuster?

-As for experience, there are no requirements.

-You do not have to have a college degree.

-You do not have to have prior military experience.

-You can be a male or female.

To acquire a Indiana Adjuster’s License, the State of Indiana requires either:

1.  Successful completion of a Certified Pre-Licensing course (such as ours).


2.  Completion of the state exam.

3.  File a license application with the Indiana Department of Insurance 

What type of claims can I adjust once I receive my  Adjuster License?

You will be able to adjust the following: catastrophic, residential, commercial, automobile, inland marine, ocean, and worker's compensation claims.

Is my All-Lines Adjuster License reciprocal? 

Yes it is the following is a list of states that have reciprocity for Indiana Adjusters: 

  • Indiana is reciprocal with all states that license adjusters except California, Hawaii, and New York.


Pre-Licensing Education Requirement for Resident Independent Adjusters

For resident Independent Adjusters, forty (40) hours of pre-licensing education are required to provide an entry level knowledge about the products, services, duties and responsibilities of an Independent Adjuster when working with the public. In addition, candidates must understand and comply with the Indiana statutes and rules affecting insurance and adjusting of claims. The pre-licensing education requirement must be meet before applying for a license.

An Independent Adjuster works on a contract basis for an insurance carrier doing direct adjudication of claims.  Indiana residents desiring an Independent Adjuster license must:

• Be at least 18 years of age

• Be eligible to designate Indiana as the individual's home state

• Be determined to be trustworthy, reliable, and of good reputation

• Not have committed any act that is a ground for denial, suspension or revocation of a license

• Have successfully completed a 40 hour pre-licensing education program.

• Have successfully completed the Indiana Independent Adjuster examination.

• Submit the appropriate forms, application, and nonrefundable fees for the desired license.

The license fee for a resident is $40.00. There is also an electronic processing fee.

A pre-licensing education Certificate of Completion will be issued by your pre-licensing school at the end of your course. You must have proof of the pre-licensing completion.  You must pass your exam and apply for your license during this six-month period.

Indiana is reciprocal with all states that license adjusters except California, Hawaii, and New York.